Smart AC overview

Smart AC is the leading company dealing with Hewalex solar systems in Estonia. Currently we offer complete solar systems for domestic hot water and support of central heating in private buildings, as well as solutions for large residential, office, industrial, commercial, service and other facilities.

Hewalex is a manufacturer and supplier of heating systems using renewable energy. In time, the company extended its 25 years’ production of solar collectors with accessories for solar system.


Smart AC has built in a residential area near Tallinn solar-wind hybrid LED street light system in the autumn of 2013. This was a non-profit project in co-operation with local authority and Tallinn University of Technology. The main idea of this project was to find out how solar-wind hybrid LED street light system is usable in our climate (the average wind speed in the coast is 5-6 m / s but  in winter we have usually lot of snow and 10 times less sunlight than in June).

For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Company name: Smart AC
Address: Tulika 19, 10613 Tallinn, Estonia